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Ventura Keys

Ventura Keys

Discover the Coastal Magic of Ventura Keys and South Seaward

Embark on a journey west of the Ventura Harbor, where the captivating blend of shopping, delectable restaurants, beachfront access, and a scenic bike path awaits in the enchanting Keys, Pierpont and South Seaward area. This coastal haven is adorned with charming neighborhoods, including Seaward Village, Pierpont Community, and the picturesque Ventura Keys, collectively creating a seaside paradise nestled in the heart of Ventura.

Seaside Splendor and Tranquility

Venture into the Ventura Keys, a haven of single-family residences, including homes with boat docks offering easy access to the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands. This unique neighborhood boasts a curated selection of restaurants, historic buildings, and diverse housing options, ranging from beachfront homes to residences with private boat slip access. The Ventura Keys unfold as a coastal tapestry, blending elegance, history, and natural beauty in a seamless embrace.

A Gateway to Pacific Paradise

Welcome to a slice of paradise along the Pacific Coast! The Ventura beach and harbor area, gracefully tucked between Santa Barbara and Malibu, beckons with its allure just off the 101, an hour north of Los Angeles. Immerse yourself in an idyllic beach lifestyle, where time takes on a gentler, softer pace. This coastal haven invites exploration with its abundance of restaurants, shopping, a vibrant downtown, and the proximity of Ventura Harbor and beaches.

History Unveiled: The Ventura Keys Legacy

Step into the rich tapestry of history as you explore the origins of the Ventura Keys. The land, once owned by the Mission of San Buenaventura in 1782, saw transformations over the years. From the issuance of 2250 acres to the Raymundo Olivas Family in 1841 to the agricultural endeavors of Mr. Hobson, the narrative unfolds. The visionary John Klug, a Newport Beach developer, left an indelible mark in 1964 with the creation of model homes on Peninsula. The waterfront property, a sea-side resort dream, sold out rapidly, paving the way for a thriving community.

A Coastal Oasis: The Ventura Keys Community

Today, the Ventura Keys community stands as a testament to transformation. What was once farmland with a dirt landing strip in the thirties evolved into an upscale family neighborhood. With a harmonious blend of condos, single-family residences, and duplexes, the community thrives within walking distance to the esteemed Pierpont Elementary School. Demand soars for the 300 homes with boat docks, offering seamless access to the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands.
Join the coastal symphony of Pierpont and South Seaward, where history, elegance, and natural beauty converge to create a haven of timeless allure.

Things To Do:

Ventura Marina Park

Ventura Harbor

Farmers Market

Parade of Lights



Ventura Yacht Club


Black Bear Diner

Meridian Cafe


Brophy Brothers

The Greek

Boatyard Pub

Margarita Villa

La Petit Cafe

On The Alley

Andrea’s Seafood

Aloha Steakhouse


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