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Welcome to Pierpont Beach: A Coastal Oasis of Tranquility and Charm

Step into a world of enchantment at Pierpont Beach, where paradise meets the Pacific Ocean in a captivating stretch of sandy bliss. As you open your front door, the salty breeze invites you to embrace the symphony of the ocean, creating a magical atmosphere that defines coastal living.
This coastal haven, bordering approximately one mile of the pristine Pacific Ocean, is a sandy sweet spot nestled just south of San Buenaventura Beach Park and north of the Ventura Harbor.  Venture into a picturesque landscape situated between the coastal gems of Santa Barbara and Malibu, a mere hour’s drive north of Los Angeles. Here, time slows down, offering an idyllic beach lifestyle with a gentler, more relaxed pace.

A Tapestry of History and Elegance

Originally envisioned by the visionary Los Angeles developer Frank Meline in the 1920s, Pierpont Bay emerged as a residential masterpiece. The vision included English-style homes lining lanes with charming English surnames, creating a unique and elegant neighborhood. This coastal canvas began its transformation in 1925, with a plan that envisioned finger-like canals extending from the ocean, accompanied by houses and boat docks along these aquatic arteries.
In the early years, bespoke custom homes and quaint beach cottages graced the landscape, including a fishing pier at the end of Seaward Avenue, tragically claimed by a storm in 1937. The 1950s witnessed a housing boom, adding a collection of two and three-bedroom homes that still stand today. Currently, Pierpont Beach boasts around 720 single-family residences, 150 multiple dwelling units, and a few vacant lots.

Evolving Elegance: A Coastal Symphony of Past and Present

Pierpont Beach has evolved into a tapestry woven by successive California real estate booms, showcasing a blend of fashionable modern homes and charming older beach cottages. Seaward Avenue, adorned with delightful shops and restaurants, weaves its way through this coastal retreat, offering both locals and visitors an array of coastal delights.
The heart of Pierpont’s allure lies in its eclectic mix of newer grand residences and modest, time-honored beach cottages. Seaward Avenue, a bustling avenue of coastal treasures, serves as a lifeline connecting the vibrant downtown Ventura to the soothing embrace of the beach. Families are drawn to the area, enchanted by the highly regarded Pierpont Elementary School. As Pierpont Beach continues to captivate, its popularity soars, inviting you to discover the harmony of beachfront living and the vibrant energy of downtown Ventura.
Pierpont extends a warm welcome, inviting you to join the coastal elegance and timeless charm of Pierpont Beach.

Things To Do:

Ventura Marina Park

Ventura Harbor

Farmers Market

Parade of Lights



Ventura Yacht Club


Black Bear Diner

Meridian Cafe


Brophy Brothers

The Greek

Boatyard Pub

Margarita Villa

La Petit Cafe

On The Alley

Andrea’s Seafood

Aloha Steakhouse


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