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Ventura Beach North

Ventura Beach North

Embark on a Coastal Odyssey: Northern Ventura County’s Enchanting Beaches

Discover a mesmerizing tapestry of sandy shores along the northern Ventura County coast, a coastal haven stretching from the charming city of Ventura to the Santa Barbara County line near Carpinteria. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and coastal allure that defines this enchanting stretch.

Rincon Point: The Surfer’s Paradise

Feel the exhilaration at Rincon Point, a world-class surfing destination where the rhythmic dance of waves invites surfers of all levels to embrace California’s finest. Annual competitions amplify the thrill of this coastal gem. Traverse the Bates Avenue offramp off the 101 Freeway to discover Rincon Beach County Park, nestled on the Santa Barbara County side. The best surfing unfolds from the tip of the point into the cove in Ventura County. Revel in ample free parking, easy beach access, and seaside amenities like picnic tables and restrooms. A few steps to the south, Rincon Point beckons as one of the world’s premier surfing spots.

Solimar Beach: A Coastal Symphony

Experience the beauty of Solimar Beach, a narrow stretch of sand and ocean along the Pacific Coast Highway near the community of Solimar. This coastal masterpiece, nestled 2 miles south of Pitas Point, boasts public access on either end, with parking along the highway’s shoulder. Solimar unfolds as a poetic blend of public and private, where the southern section welcomes all with accessible sands, while the northern reaches host two private gated residential communities. Let the ocean breeze caress you as you explore this scenic strip known for its surfing, swimming, and fishing. With about 60 homes lining the beach, Solimar is a coastal symphony waiting to be discovered.

Faria Beach Park: Where Waves Whisper Secrets

Discover the rhythmic whispers of waves at Faria Beach Park, located on Pitas Point, a surf haven fondly known as “Whistles.” Seven miles north of Ventura, this intimate county park offers limited day-use parking, beach access, and restrooms from 7:00 AM to sunset. Allow the waves to weave their tales as surfers ride the northern waves off the point. Camping enthusiasts can find a retreat for tents and RVs, with serene views stretching to the north. Faria Beach Park, a coastal gem managed by the County of Ventura, invites you to embrace the symphony of nature.

Mussel Shoals Beach: A Hidden Coastal Gem

Step into the tranquil embrace of Mussel Shoals Beach, also known as Little Rincon. Accessed from Breakers Way or Ocean Avenue, this hidden gem reveals itself with a handful of public parking spots along the Old Pacific Coast Highway. A quaint beach community with around 50 homes, Mussel Shoals captivates with its simplicity. Discover the artistry of man-made Rincon Island and savor the peaceful views near the Cliff House Inn. While there are no restrooms, the serene surroundings invite you to enjoy the beauty of this coastal retreat.
Northern Ventura County’s beaches, each a unique chapter in the coastal story, beckon you to explore the magic they hold.

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