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Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay

Discover the Timeless Elegance of Mandalay Bay

Nestled next to the serene Channel Islands Harbor, Mandalay Bay is a haven of distinctive homes, a masterpiece of architectural diversity. This enchanting neighborhood boasts 328 single-family detached boat dock homes and 395 attached townhomes, each a unique tapestry of coastal living.

Architectural Symphony by Zurn and Armstrong

Embark on a journey through time as Zurn, the inaugural builder in 1970, unveiled two-story wonders ranging from 1800 to 2237 square feet. Master bedrooms, perched on the second floor, invite you to soak in panoramic views. Armstrong, joining the narrative in 1976, crafted smaller townhomes, a symphony of sizes from 1220 to 1820 square feet. Here, master bedrooms grace the first floor, a distinctive touch adding character to the coastal ambiance.

The Maritime Tale of Mandalay Bay

The iconic sign at the corner of Meridian and Harbor Boulevard, once adorned with a sailing ship by Boise Cascade in 1970, has evolved into a contemporary marvel. The new sign proudly declares “Mandalay Bay, Channel Islands Harbor.” The history unfolds in harmony with Channel Islands Harbor, cradling around 730 homes, with detached residences on the east side and townhomes embracing the west. This sign, a beacon, once drew seekers to Jamestown Lane, revealing the charm of Zurn, Armstrong, and Boise Cascade’s model homes.

Channel Islands Harbor: A Waterfront Symphony

Embrace the allure of Channel Islands Harbor, where each visit unveils new wonders. This coastal haven, a gateway to the enchanting Channel Islands National Park, offers picturesque picnic spots and scenic explorations on land and sea. Delight in aquatic wonders, from jet skis to kayaking, or revel in serene bike rides with Wheel Fun Rentals.

Culinary Odyssey at Channel Islands Harbor

Let your taste buds dance in the harbor’s culinary delights. Sea Fresh, a seafood haven, serves succulent shrimp, crab, and locally caught fish amidst scenic water views. Casual dining options like The Waterside Restaurant and The Lookout Bar & Grill offer comfort food favorites, creating an inviting ambiance to unwind.

Harbor Exploration:

A Visual Feast
Discover the treasures scattered around Channel Islands Harbor:

Marine Emporium Landing:

A section featuring classic seafood fare and exotic offerings.

Peninsula Road:

A rendezvous point with dining delights and exciting offerings.

East Side of Channel Islands Harbor:

Home to beaches, yacht clubs, and maritime adventures.

Seabridge Marina:

A vibrant marina with tantalizing tacos and souvenirs at the Seabridge Marketplace.

As you traverse the winding roads of Mandalay Bay, the echoes of maritime tales and architectural elegance will serenade your senses. Welcome to a community where history meets coastal allure, and every home tells a story of its own.




Fisherman’s Catch



Ox & Ocean

So if you’re looking for a destination where you can relax by the water, savor delicious seafood, and explore the California coast, the Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard is the perfect destination for your next trip.



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